List of 75 Affirmations to Use Right Now to Create a More Positive Life

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By awarenessofsuccess

Affirmations validate or confirm your thoughts, creating a positive frame of mind. Repeating affirmations regularly reinforces self-worth and value. Negative thoughts can negatively impact self-esteem, outlook on life, resilience, and motivation to pursue meaningful activities. To break the cycle of negativity, replace negative thoughts with positive affirmations and practice them over and over again. Positive affirmations are short statements that can brighten your outlook on the world when said to yourself regularly or written down in a journal, and help you lead a positive life. 


While they are not a substitute for professional help, daily affirmations can increase self-esteem and improve mental wellness. Studies support the idea that the words we choose matter, as powerful short quotes can combat stress and increase neural pathways in the brain. Including wise words from authors like Toni Morrison, Elizabeth Gilbert, Maya Angelou, and Oprah can help boost overall health.

List of Affirmations to Have a More Positive Life

Following is a list of affirmations to lead a positive life. 

1. My primary concern is my well-being.

2. Self-care is not a selfish act.

3. Requiring a break is not a sign of weakness.

4. I continuously strive for personal growth and improvement on a daily basis.

5. I am grateful for all that I have and all that is yet to come.

6. I surround myself with individuals who inspire and bring out the best in me.

7. Every day is a potential day.

8. Today will be a great day.

9. I am so thankful to be alive.

10. It’s okay to say “no”.

11. Today is a new day, and I am optimistic about it.

12. I can do anything I put my mind to.

13. I am open to all the great things that today will bring.

14. I have trust in myself.

15. It is okay to make mistakes, I am still in the process of learning.

16. My potential for success is limitless.

17. My contributions to the world matter.

18. There is room for me at the table.

19. There is room for me at the table.

20. I am respected by my fellows.

21. I take care of mental and physical wellness.

22. My health is a blessing.

23. My body can do extraordinary things.

24. I am living in this moment.

25. I am allowed to breathe freely.

26. Hard times help me appreciate the good times.

27. I believe in my abilities.

28. I can leave my comfort zone.

29. It’s okay to take risks sometimes. 

30. There is space for me.

31. I am resilient.

32. A bad day cannot define my life.

33. I am unique in my own way.

34. I am enough.

35. I don’t need anyone to complete me.

36. I am thankful for the people in my life

37. I get to decide who enters my life.

38. My boundaries need to be respected.

39. My voice needs to be heard.

40. I am worthy and deserving of love.

41. I have control over my thoughts.

42. There is beauty in everything.

43. Happiness is a choice I choose.

44. I am capable of doing hard things.

45. I have a firm belief in myself.

46. I am in the right place at the right time, doing the right thing.

47. The perfect moment is right now.

48. I don’t compare myself to others.

49. I radiate confidence.

50. I don’t need to worry about things I don’t have control over.

51. I control my reaction to others.

52. Mistakes do not define who I am.

53. I should not be embarrassed while asking for help.

54. It is okay to set boundaries.

55. I am allowed to feel sad, angry, and upset sometimes.

56. I don’t need to give up on my hopes and dreams.

57. I love myself for who I am.

58. All I need is me.

59. Today will be a productive day.

60. I am in the process of healing every day.

61. I deserve to be happy.

62. I deserve to celebrate my achievements.

63. Negative opinions cannot pull me down.

64. My past might be ugly, but I am still beautiful.

65. I am going to make myself proud.

66. Failure is necessary to succeed.

67. I can be an inspiration to others.

68. I believe in my talents and abilities.

69. My existence has a meaning.

70. I embrace change.

71. I deserve to feel like the best version of myself.

72. I have the right to take a break.

73. Healing is a slow process.

74. Every day is a new chance to shine.

75. I focus on the things that I can control rather than the things that are out of my control.


Positive affirmations can help replace negative beliefs and thoughts and promote self-improvement and personal and professional goals by fostering positive mental habits and thought patterns. Positive mental health affirmations can boost self-esteem, boost optimism, and help navigate crises. 

Focusing on positive affirmations can improve your life by reducing stress and increasing well-being. Repeating these statements can lead to improved relationships, career success, and a positive life. Practice self-care by meditating or repeating affirmations daily, and you may feel more confident and happier.


What is the meaning of positive life?

A positive lifestyle involves focusing on the positive aspects of life and avoiding negative aspects. It involves constantly improving one’s approach to life and people, living in the present, and not dwelling on the past or worrying about the future. A positive outlook fosters hope, and confidence, and focuses on the positive aspects of situations. It encourages a positive outlook on the future, enabling normal life to proceed.

How can I live a positive life?

Regular exercise, a balanced diet, adequate sleep, and relaxation contribute to a positive life and mindset, fostering a fulfilled life and requiring self-care. Emotional well-being can be improved through gratitude, complementing, mindfulness, compassion meditation, environment reorganization, exposure therapy, and hatha yoga breathing exercises.

Do positive affirmations work?

Positive affirmations are more effective when future-oriented and involve action and best effort. They boost motivation and self-esteem. Positive affirmations, despite being considered pseudoscience, have been scientifically researched for personal benefit, suggesting benefits associated with using empowering self-talk.